The local wing king, Drew Cerza who is also the Director of Meals On Wheels is declaring a Blue Cheese in Buffalo! But, why?


I wrote a blog yesterday about how Blue Cheese is ranked the worst cheese according to a new survey. Yesterday, was also National Cheese Day! But, good news Buffalo, you will have your day of fame!

Drew Cerza along with many Buffalonians were outraged when Frank's Red Hot tweeted that ranch dressing was the best for dipping chicken wings. Even though I, personally, HATE blue cheese and producer Rob agrees with me, it is nice that Buffalo will finally have its well- deserved day.

Drew Cerza who owns a local film company, "Just Wing It" is declaring July 16th Blue Cheese Day in Buffalo, NY. So, mark your calendars, place your orders ahead of time and stock up on Blue Cheese. We are celebrating Buffalo style. (You might want to put in for your time off at work now." 7/16 falls on a Monday so, three day weekend! lol.

Happy Blue Cheese Day, Buffalo!

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