Do you like shopping at Kohl's? Do you think there are better ways to do their reward program with Kohl's cash? Well, they are testing out a new rewards program right here in Buffalo!


Wow! Kohl's, one of the biggest department stores is testing out their new reward program in Buffalo, New York! How cool is that? What does the new program entail?

-Customers with a Kohl's charge will earn 10 percent on Kohl's cash on every purchase

-If you don't have a Kohl's charge, it is 5 percent on Kohl's cash on every purchase

-The Kohl's app will keep track of your Kohl's cash so you never need to ask the sales associate where you are at or keep those coupons. Yay!

-Also, all events that Kohl's will host is open to all customers not just Kohl's credit card customers

I can certainly see the benefits of this. I am ecstatic to know that they are testing it here in the Buffalo market. This is huge for us Buffaloians!

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