The Buffalo Teacher's Union and the Buffalo Public School system are working on a new contract, and in the end, the teachers could be getting a big raise.

If the proposed offer is accepted by the teacher's union, teachers could get an 8% increase in their salary would could up to $23,000 for some teachers.

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According to WGRZ's Lauren Hall, the Teachers would get the 8% pay increase as soon as they sign the deal and then other pay increases would happen every July through 2025.

Teachers' salary ranges from $37.649 for first-year teachers to $99,119 dollars for teachers who have been in the system for 27 years and hold a doctoral degree.

According to the website, the average salary for a teacher in the Buffalo School system is $46,834 per year.

That number is close to the average salary for other teachers in Western New York. Here are the average salary of teachers in other districts according to

Williamsville - $45,054
Orchard Park - $45,357
West Seneca - $45,517
Kenmore - $43,876
Sweet Home - $53,226
Kenmore - $54,848

Both sides continue to negotiate the terms of a new contract and are hoping to get something signed as soon as possible.

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