Buffalo has been plagued by gun violence for years and the number of people killed by guns has been increasing recently. We actually had the highest rate of violent crimes committed with guns in the state. We are losing mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, and children to this epidemic. It not only affects those who choose that lifestyle, but many innocent bystanders have lost their lives. Families and communities alike are being destroyed by the deadly decisions of just a small percentage of people. In 2021 alone, we lost at least 57 people to gun violence. These Buffalo streets had the most shootings in 2021 - both with fatalities and injuries.

In 2020, according to the Centers for Disease Control, there were 1,052 firearm deaths in New York. They don't break the numbers down by homicides, accidents or suicides, but it gives a bit of perspective.

In Buffalo and Western New York we have had weekends where there were three or four shootings, often with fatal results. Some areas of the city are definitely more prone to violence. Taking a look at all of the shootings last year, I was able to map out the streets with the highest numbers of gun violence.  The list includes both non-fatal and fatal incidents, but not incidents where there were no humans injured or killed.

8 Buffalo Streets With The Most Shootings In 2021

Here are some anti-gun violence organizations you can get involved in:

- MVP (2020 Anti-Gun Violence campaign)
- Buffalo Peacemakers
- Buffalo SNUG
- Stop the Violence Foundation

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