You either love it or hate it-our Buffalo Skyway.


Just in from WGRZ, competition is on for revamping the Skyway,

Among the scenarios, a glass enclosed entertainment complex and playground with year round beaches and swimming pools.

The report adds,

Empire State Development is overseeing a contest announced by NY Governor Andrew Cuomo in February, under which the team with the winning design is to be awarded $100,000.


Tear it Down or Leave it Up?

Of the 16 plans, 11 of them call for keeping the skyway structure intact, to varying degrees, although several of those propose that it no longer be used for traffic as it has since its construction in the 1950s....The others call for its complete removal.


The most expensive proposal with an estimated price tag of $650 million,

would convert the current limited access skyway into an elevated tree lined boulevard with a single traffic lane in each direction, but with parking lanes and buildings on either side, creating a commercial strip in the sky.

For a complete list of options click on Skyway.


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