For many high school hockey players, the dream is to play in the National Hockey League.

While most of these players will never wear an NHL sweater on the ice for their favorite team, members of the Buffalo Sabres did the opposite.

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As they entered Keybank Center on Saturday, several members of the Buffalo Sabres honored local high schools by wearing the high school jersey before the game.

From East Aurora to Will East, seeing pro players wearing High School jerseys was really cool and shows how much these players love playing in Western New York.

  The Sabres would go on to beat the Ducks 6-3 while wearing their retro 90's "goat head" black and red jerseys.  

With the win, the Sabres are now 23-19-3 on the season and are still in the playoff hunt. They are currently 4 points out of the 8th and final playoff spots in the Eastern Conference.

The last time the Sabres made the playoffs was back in 2011. They lost in the First Round. The last time the Sabres won a playoff series was back in 2007, when they beat the New York Rangers in the Conference Semi-Finals.

The Sabres have been to the playoffs 29 times in their 52-year history. Let's hope they reach an even 30 at the end of this season.

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