The Buffalo Sabres front office was very busy this week ahead of the team's home opener tonight.

Just days after the team announced that they signed former #1 overall draft pick Rashum Dahlin to a contract extension, they announced they inked the 2021 #1 overall pick Owen Power to a new 7-year deal.

That means the Sabres have two of the hottest young defensemen in the NHL signed to long-term deals.

Both of these deals come after the Sabres locked down some young talent this past off-season. The Sabres have done a good job of locking up their young talent to long-term deals. Last season they signed Tage Thompson, Dylan Cozens and defenseman Mattias Samuelsson to seven-year deals.  

The Sabres are being picked to make the playoffs this season, something they have not done since 2011, the longest playoff drought in the NHL.

The deal comes just a couple of days before the Sabres kick off their regular season. The Sabres open the season at home this Thursday against the New York Rangers.

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Last season the Sabres finished just outside the playoffs and fans are hoping with the young talent here in Western New York, this will be the year they make a run to win the Stanley Cup.

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