I have lived all over this great nation of ours and every time I told people that I was born and raised in Buffalo, they always commented on two very specific things.

They always commented about the Buffalo Bills losing 4 straight Super Bowls and that people from Buffalo can drink!

Yes...we are a drinking town with a football problem (I stole that from a t-shirt back in the mid-1990s).

So when USA Today came out with this latest poll, every Buffalo resident should be MAD that we didn't make the list!

USA Today came out with the "Top 10 Cities Who Drink the Most"!

Buffalo didn't make the Top 10, not even an honorable mention! Have the folks from USA Today never been to a Bills' game tailgate party? Have they never walked down Chippewa street on a Friday night? What about Micky Rat's in the summer or just anywhere near water in the Summer!

Come on Buffalo, put down the water and hoist a Beer and let's claim what is rightful our next year...The City that drinks the MOST!

All kidding aside, if you do drink, please drink responsibly and never drink and drive!

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