For the most part, we all enjoy our lifestyle or have at least gotten used to it. Ideally, we need to find a balance where you can earn what you need without spending all of your time working.

The keys to that depend on work culture in your part of the country, how much you need to make to pay for housing, and how long it takes you to get from home to work.

To that end, SmartAsset analyzed some of the biggest cities in the country to find the best work-life balance...providing of course you aren't still working from home.

Key Findings

  • Big city commuting blues. On average in our study, just 7.2% of commuters spend more than 60 minutes getting to and from work. In the biggest U.S. cities, though, that number can be much higher.
  • Midwest consistency up top. Three midwestern cities – Madison, Lincoln, and Omaha – excel because of their low unemployment rate, finishing in the top 10.

So where does Buffalo fit into the equation?  Buffalo interestingly enough ranks in the Top 20.  Number 18 to be exact tied with Cincinnati, Ohio with commute time. housing, walk score, and entertainment venues ranking better than many.

If the study would have been based solely on local eateries...Buffalo would have, in my estimation won hands down.

This study might be helpful the next time we find ourselves complaining about our 20-minute commute or mortgage payment.

If you're interested in seeing the rest of the study it is available here.

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