Protests continued in Buffalo to express outrage at the murder of George Floyd and other African-Americans by police officers.  Two people were shot and two police officers were struck by an SUV.

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On Monday (June 1), protests happened on Bailey Ave in Buffalo.  People were protesting the murder of George Floyd, who was killed by police in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  The protests were organized and peaceful.  It was only after the peaceful protests dispersed, when others escalated the situation.

There was a peaceful protest that happened earlier.  Mayor Byron Brown said that after the peaceful protesters left, others stayed and created the chaos. After the organized protests wrapped up, two officers were hit by an SUV, according to WGRZ.  One of the officers was with the Buffalo Police Department and the other was a New York State trooper.  Both officers were taken to ECMC and are said to be in stable condition.  Mayor Byron Brown said there was no altercation prior to the SUV striking the officers.

Mayor Byron Brown told WGRZ that two people were shot on Bailey near Langmire.  A person is in custody and the two victims were taken to ECMC.

"Two people that were struck by gunfire in the vicinity of Langmire and Bailey were two of the individuals that were in the vehicle that mowed into the police line, but again, this is still under investigation."  ~ Buffalo Mayor, Byron Brown via WGRZ


The Mayor said that he believes the two shooting victims were the people responsible for driving the SUV into the police line.  The incident is under investigation.

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