Buffalo Museum Of Science shows off rare egg that was mislabeled for decades...


This egg which is cream colored and oval shaped has been at The Buffalo Museum Of Science since the 1940's! That's right! 1940 and it has been mislabeled for all of these years.

The egg is 1 foot long, 2 feet 4 inches in circumference and it is roughly 3-5 lbs. It is called an elephant bird egg. Is there such thing as an elephant bird? You might as well call is a elephantasaurus. LOL. I totally just made that up!

How does something like this get mislabeled for all of this time? The museum has over 1,000 eggs. Most of the items are actually stored in the building's repository. That his how is got mislabeled.

Paige Langle was the one that found the discrepancy. She was updating the museum's catalog from ledgers and cards to a digital format when she came upon the egg. "It was inside a cabinet with a tag indicating it was a cast."

"It had so much detailing and pitting, and the color was beautiful. It looked too realistic to be a model," said Paige Langle.

How neat! Now, you can visit the museum and see this ginormous Elephant Bird egg.

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