He lost the Democratic Primary just days ago, but now, he is announcing that he will be running as a candidate as a write-in for the November election.

Byron Brown has been the mayor in Buffalo since 2006. It took many people by surprise when he, as the incumbent mayor lost the democratic primary.  Then following that primary, we heard nothing from him at all.  There was no concession speech.  There was no congratulatory speech to India Walton.  There was nothing.

Considering that no one had filed the proper paperwork to run against her, many people began to consider it a done deal.  She was set to become the first female mayor in the city of Buffalo.

Then as the days passed on, there were rumblings that he might begin a write-in campaign.   Some even offered help to him (which he refused).

Today, the rumblings became reality as Byron Brown took to the podium to give a fiery speech to proclaim that he has been listening to the people of this city.  He said that many of them expressed fears of what might happen if he didn't run and said that the city of Buffalo would not allow an "inexperienced radical socialist" to learn on the job on the backs of the people of Buffalo.

He added that he intends to knock on every door and wear through some shoe leather walking the streets to earn every vote.

“Let’s be clear that until November, there is no mayor-elect. There is only one mayor of Buffalo, and that is Mayor Byron Brown.” - Mayor Byron Brown

Brown has been criticized for not really running a campaign against Walton in the first place and claim that his lack of a campaign is what cost him in the first place.


According to WIVB, Ms. India Walton who won the Democratic Primary has already responded saying:

"Byron Brown’s decision to run a write-in campaign supported by Carl Paladino and the PBA is deeply disappointing. Brown can attempt to distance himself from Paladino all he wants, but it is clear who is really behind this campaign. We urge Brown to accept the will of the voters, end this futile campaign, and help us work towards a seamless transition. It would be a shame for Brown to ruin his legacy by partnering with right-wing real estate developers in this pointless effort. The people of Buffalo deserve so much better than this.”


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