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Youth Sailing World Championships
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Well did you know that some Buffalo High teens are sailing away in a relatively new initiative called the Buffalo High School Sailing Program?

It's been around for since 2009.

Channel 4 interviewed teens involved,

"My dad is a sailor, my grandpa is a sailor, so it was just passed on to me," said student sailor Mark Hofmeister.  "I picked it up and I love it."

What's cool about this program is that any High schooler can join a team.  Practices are twice a week at the lovely Buffalo Yacht Club with races on Friday-Sunday.

Channel 4 also talked with Kaite Braungart, Program Co-Director

"They can expect to learn not only skills on the water but sportsmanship...They get to work on team building with not only their team but other teams."

If you think your teen might want to give sailing a try, then just click here.


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