Last weekend I stopped by Buffalo Distilling Company, to find that dogs had taken over the place.

Dog rescue groups, to be precise.

In the midst of the barking, bustle, and fundraising, I had a chance to talk with the head distiller Kevin Ford about what they're working on. It's a first for Buffalo -- American Bourbon Barrel Krupnik.

"Come November 24th we will be releasing the very special batch of krupnik that we aged about 6 months in barrels," said Ford.

Buffalo Distilling Co makes the only krupnik made in Buffalo. "The raw local honey is what really sets our krup apart from others," Ford continues. "The barrels we used have aged bourbon and brandy already, so we thought the seasoning would compliment the honey nicely."


"A few samples may or may not have been pulled ahead of schedule," Ford confessed.

"The product is truly going to be something special."

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