Test results for the Buffalo-area residents suspected of having coronavirus came back negative.

Two Buffalo-area families, after arriving here from Italy were placed under quarantine to await test results, according to Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who gave an update yesterday on coronavirus in New York. The two families included 12 people, half of whom were exhibiting symptoms.

The Erie County Department of Health says the people who returned from Italy recently spent time in a high-risk region in the northern part of the country.


“You cannot contain this spread,” Cuomo said. “You can slow it. You can limit it. But you can’t contain it.”

Three people in New York previously tested positive for the illness — a health care worker and a student in New York City, and a Westchester County resident.

It is advised that anyone who traveled internationally to areas of concern within the last two weeks, and feel sick with a fever, coughing or trouble breathing, should immediately seek medical care by placing a call to your physician first...people experiencing these symptoms should stay home, following advice from their physician and avoid any travel until the illness resolves.


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