The Buffalo Bills are gearing up for a home game today in Detroit Michigan after a massive snowstorm that forced the team to move the game.

This will be the second time in eight years that weather has forced the Buffalo Bills to move a home game to Detroit. It seems like the "Motor City" is the second home to the Bills and there is a good reason it should.

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Ralph Wilson, who owned the Bills when they were founded in the AFL was raised in Detriot and minority owner of the Lions when the Bills were first formed, he model the team's colors after the NFL's Detriot blue and grey colors.

The Bills wore the blue and grey uniforms for the first two seasons in franchise history before switching over to the current red, white, and blue.

The original uniforms were Honolulu blue, silver, and white, and the helmets were silver with no striping. There was no logo on the helmet but displayed the players' numbers on each side.

The last the NFL moved a game was when the Bills hosted the Jets in week 12 of the 2014 season. That was the weekend that a major snowstorm slammed into Western New York dropping several feet of snow in Orchard Park, New York the home of the Buffalo Bills.

While the Bills won't be wearing the blue and grey as they did in 1960, it would be cool to see the Bills wearing the colors that were inspired by the Detroit Lions while playing in the home of the Detroit Lions.

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