There has been a lot of talk about the Buffalo Bills wearing 1990s throwback uniforms this season.

You know the blue jersey, white pants, and red helmet. Well, it looks like we won't have to wait long to see it in person, because they might be wearing them in Week 1 of the NFL season.

This week the New "York" Jets announced that they will be wearing their throwback all-white uniforms twice this season. Once in Week 1 and once in Week 4.


The Jets host the Bills in week one, so if the Jets are wearing their throwback uniforms, the Bills should be as well. It looks like it is confirmed that the Bills will be wearing Blue tops in week 1.

That is also the color of their current uniform so we are not sure if the "Blue" is the 90s blue jersey or the 2023 one.

It would be really cool to see the Bills in the 1990s uniform to start the season on Monday Night Football.

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If you forgot, here is what they look like.

Jim Kelly
Getty Images

The Bills open up training camp today and are expected to compete for a Superbowl this year. Click HERE for everything you need to know about Bills Training Camp.

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