If you walked into Keybank Center last night for the Buffalo Sabres home game against the Maple Leafs you might have thought you took a 2-hour trip the wrong way and ended up in Toronto.

The crowd was more of a 50/50 spilt than the usual 80-85% advantage of Sabre fans in the stands. The reason why is one that needs to stop.

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If you own season tickets to the Buffalo Sabres or the Buffalo Bills, you need to stop selling your tickets to the opposing team's fans.

If you were at the game or watched it on ESPN+. How many Leaf fans were in really good seats? Seats that should belong to season ticket holders? Too many to count.

KeyBank Center Shouldn't look like this!

Maple Leafs v Sabres
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I am all for making some money and anytime the Sabres play the Leafs to the Bills host the Patriots, opposing fans want to be in the stadium. Which is fine, but let them be in the nose-bleed section. They shouldn't be anywhere near the best seats in the building.

Those seats should be for die-hard fans. If you buy season tickets, chances are you are a big fan of the team. So why would you want to give the opposing team a leg up and let their fans have a chance of pumping up their team?

I think if you buy season tickets, you would not be allowed to sell your tickets to fans of the opposing team. Buying a season ticket is like making a promise that you will support the team no matter what. In good or bad times, in good or bad weather, no matter what happens you should be there.

I know that you can make some good money selling those tickets, but is it really worth it? As a season ticket holder, shouldn't you want to be in a big rivalry game? If you can't make it wouldn't you want another die-hard fan of your team there in your place?

So next time the Leafs, Patriots, Dolphins, or any other rival comes to Buffalo, get your butt into your seat or at least sell it to a Bills or Sabres fan.

Home games in Buffalo should feel like a home game for the other team!

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