It was a case of will they or won't they? It looks like they will.

Just a day after NFL writer Peter King wrote that the NFL might have to push back the release of the NFL schedule, the league came out and said they would be releasing the schedule this week.

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The schedule will be released in waves. Today the league will announce the dates of the overseas games in England and Germany. It was already leaked that the Bills would be playing on Oct. 8th at the Tottenham Spurs stadium. We will find out this morning if that leak was correct.

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Also today, the NFL and Amazon will release the teams that will play in the league's first Black Friday game. The NFL and their broadcast TV partners, ESPN, CBS, and Fox will also announce select games today.

The full schedule will be released Thursday night at 8 pm.


It could be a very busy schedule for the Buffalo Bills this season. Besides playing in London, they are prime candidates for plenty of Primetime games.

Not only are they one of the best teams in the league, they now have Aaron Rodgers in the AFC East and another match-up against the Kansas City Chiefs and the Cincinnati Bengals on the docket as well.

If you love 1 pm games, this might not be your season.

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