The Buffalo Bills weren't the only people making moves this weekend during the NFL draft.

Filmmakers who were shooting a new movie about Bills fans were wrapping up their on-location shooting around Western New York this weekend as well.

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The film "Unbillievable" is about the lives of three generations of Bills fans and the up and downs that come with rooting for the only National Football League team in New York State.

Filmmakers were shooting all over Western New York including Salvatores over the weekend.

The film is being directed by Buffalo native Scott Rubin who is also starring in the movie. Rubin is no stranger to comedy. He was the longest serving Editor in Chief in the history of the National Lampoon and also founded and managed the National Lampoon Humor Network, and National Lampoon Comedy Studios, and co-founded National Lampoon Press.
Most of the cast was also made up of actors and actresses from Western New York.


According to the movie's fundraising page, the movie producers are hoping to release the movie during a red carpet gala before the start of the NFL season.

We plan to hold a gala red carpet World Premiere in Buffalo/Western New York shortly before the start of the 2023 - 2024 professional football season and make a real Event out of it, with professional photographers, media and Special Guest Stars. A night to remember! And then we plan to make UNBILLIEVABLE! available to fans everywhere during the season. Beyond that?


You can learn more about the movie by checking out the video below.

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