The Buffalo Bills came under fire this week from fans and people in Western New York after a video of players violating the travel ban to drive home from the stadium parking lot on Christmas Day.

That day was a rough day for the players and some people might not blame them for trying to get home as soon as possible.

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After playing and winning in negative-degree weather in Chicago on Saturday afternoon, the weather forced the team to stay in Chicago until Sunday.

Sunday morning the team was set to fly into Rochester when problems arose.

Speaking on his podcast this week, Bills Safety Jordan Poyer said the team was stuck on the plane on the tarmac for two hours. Apparently, the plane has some mechanical issues and until it could get fixed, the player and staff were forced to stay on the plane.

if you have ever flown and have been stuck on a plane you know how uncomfortable it could be. Now, imagine you are a 250-pound 6 foot 3-inch Linebacker crunched into the plane seat for hours.

As we all know, the Bills' plane was fixed and they made it into Rochester later in the day than they had hoped.

So while this doesn't exonerate them from breaking the travel ban, it does shine some light on why they really wanted to get home.

Up next for the Bills is another road game this Monday as they take on the Bengals. The good news is the weather looks way better for the game and for travel.

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