A diehard Bills fan on TikTok wants to know what kind of fan you actually are. 

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Just by glancing at her profile, you can tell that TikTok user @sarahnoelleniz is crazy about the Buffalo Bills. If the “716” and “GO BILLS!” in her about section weren’t a big enough clue, her latest TikTok that is spreading across the Internet proves she definitely knows her stuff when it comes to the quirks of Buffalo Bills fans. 

TikTok via @sarahnoelleniz/Canva
TikTok via @sarahnoelleniz/Canva

Based on the “Choose Your Character” social media trend, in which users pretend to be a video game character while listing their stats, @sarahnoelleniz hilariously nailed three different types of Bills fans and the traits that make them unique.

The Classic Fan

TikTok via @sarahnoelleniz/Canva
TikTok via @sarahnoelleniz/Canva

The first fan Sarah showcases is “The Classic Fan.” Wearing a go-to Bills sweatshirt and jeans, Sarah lists this easy-going Bills fan’s skills as:

  • Easy Going
  • Down to Tailgate
  • Low Maintenance

The *Always* Cold One

TikTok via @sarahnoelleniz/Canva
TikTok via @sarahnoelleniz/Canva

The next type of fan Sarah breaks down (and frankly, the one that describes most of my friends), is “The Always Cold One.” Wearing Zubaz-printed leggings (presumably lined with fleece) and clutching a hot drink, she couldn’t have described this fan better - naming characteristics such as:

  • Comes with a free blanket
  • Only goes to September games
  • Makes good chicken wing dip 

The One Who’s Sick Of The Same Dumb Comments

TikTok via @sarahnoelleniz/Canva
TikTok via @sarahnoelleniz/Canva

Last but certainly not least, Sarah breaks down “The one who’s sick of the same dumb comments.” Clutching a vintage Bills troll from the ’90s and looking distraught, this fan’s traits are described as:

  • Will fight you
  • Gets angry easily
  • Most likely to have a heart attack during the game

I think we ALL know someone like that!

Even though we know there are definitely more Bills fan “characters” to choose from (one comment that the creator liked asked “where are the folding tables?”), we think Sarah hit the nail on the head with this (hopefully) first video.

Sarah promised that if this video received enough likes, she’d post a Part 2…so Sarah, let’s see Part 2 already!

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