When you ponder Halloween, going for a bike ride isn't exactly comes to mind.  Well, I guess if you wanted to ride around like a headless rider.

Haunted House #2
Sean Nel

Buffalo Rising is suggesting something with a new spin,

“Buffalo Bike Tours is proud to offer this family-friendly event – and a completely original production to end our first full season,” said Buffalo Bike Tours owner Marc Moscato. In the case of the inaugural Haunted Buffalo Ride, guests will be treated to a bike route that covers five ghastly deaths in Buffalo, as follows:

  • The legend of John Maynard, Buffalo’s heroic sea captain

  • Margaret St John, the lone survivor of the War of 1812

  • The gory murder of mafia boss John Cammilleri

  • Plenty of suspense and surprises along the way

As you ride you will have some scary colorful commentary from the group leader.

“Every city has a ghost tour – but I don’t know of any exactly like this,” said Dan Regan, co-creator of the Haunted Buffalo Ride. “To bring these stories to life – this will be a truly special event.”

Buffalo Bike Tours has really grown,

 so much so that it has become Buffalo's #1 Tour on TripAdvisor.  Not only has it hosted 750 riders on tours, it also planted a permanent flag at Canalside earlier this year.

So, don't put those bikes in the shed or garage just yet!

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