Gary Ginsberg while growing up and attending Buffalo schools developed a keen interest in history, especially with regard to past Presidents.

A lawyer by profession, he has spent his career dividing his time between media, politics, and law. He was hired by the Clinton administration, was a senior editor at the political magazine George (started by JFK jr.), and then spent two decades in executive positions in media and technology. He has written for the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal and was a political contributor to MSNBC. He resides in New York City with his wife and two sons.

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Gary Ginsberg talks about becoming  interested in the topic while volunteering for the presidential campaign of Gary Hart, who had well-known confidants including actor Warren Beatty and chief of staff Billy Shore, who according to Ginsberg had

"the right combination of intensity yet inner calm to keep an often pensive candidate switched on.”

Ginsberg looks at a number of presidencies and first friends: Thomas Jefferson had fellow Virginian James Madison, who contented himself in remaining in Jefferson’s shadow, while later becoming President.  Abraham Lincoln and Joshua Speed, who saved Lincoln from crippling depression, and Vernon Jordan, Bill Clinton’s closest friend, who in addition to other numerous functions warded off a post–Lewinsky affair and a possible divorce on the part of the first lady.

A captivating, well-written take on the lives of our presidents and the 'first friends' who helped shape their public lives.

961 The Breeze Morning guy Joe Chille had the opportunity to talk with Gary Ginsberg about Buffalo, and about what it takes to be the "first friend" of a President of the United States. Click below to listen to the interview:



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