It is July 16, which means it is 716 Day here in Buffalo and there is a ton of ways you can celebrate--you can go to the Bisons game and party tonight, maybe get some wings, maybe check out Canalside...or maybe broadcast your radio show from a baby pool filled with blue cheese.

The Wing King Drew Cerza dubbed today National Blue Cheese Day after Frank's how sauce tweeted out that Buffalo Wings are a perfect match with ranch dressing and well...everyone in Buffalo knows that's not true. So, on 716 day we decided that we would celebrate and honor blue by broadcasting inside of a baby pool full of it.

Back in 1964 at the world-famous Anchor Bar in Buffalo, NY- where Buffalo Wings were invented by Theresa Bellisimo, the original recipe called for the Wings to be coated in Frank’s RedHot and butter with a side of blue cheese. Cerza knew it was time to right a wrong. Cerza pondered, ”Frank’s RedHot and blue cheese dressing has been the peanut butter and jelly, the gin and tonic, the Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson of the chicken wing industry for over 50 years, how could they break up now? Please say that it isn’t so”.

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