What an incredible view from the top of the tallest building in downtown Buffalo! The Seneca One Tower stands just about 530 feet above the streets in The Queen City.

Winter View Of Sahlen Field From Seneca One Tower

Gallery Credit: Clay Moden

Thank you to Jim who sent in this incredible video and these fascinating photos of Sahlen Field. The photos of the ballpark were taken on consecutive days in January and really give you an idea of how much things can change in terms of weather in just 24 hours. Being on the edge of Lake Erie not only offers some crazy weather, it offers the most spectacular view if you are high enough to see them.

I have lived in Buffalo and worked downtown my entire life and still have never personally been in or on the Seneca One Tower. I have looked at it literally every day for the last 26 years of my career and it's photos and videos like these that make me appreciate it's beauty and size even more!

Thanks to Jim for sending these in. Jim has had the chance to do some work on these buildings and is way more brave with heights than I am. Our studio is 12 stories above Lafayette Square and that is about the limit for my comfort with heights. Occasionally we have our engineers change the light bulb on the top of our broadcast tower and I am amazed every time they get up there to do it!

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