Given all of the recent instances of violence that have happened in our community and in our schools, the news of this new mentoring program targeted to boys is good news.

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The streets of Buffalo have been rife with violence lately. So much so we even held our own town hall to bring stakeholders and leaders in our community together in an attempt to find solutions to some of the issues that have plagued our communities, both urban and suburban.

Many in our community have been moved to do something about it and that's how a local Buffalo man has decided to create his own mentoring program for boys aged 11 to 16 in and around Buffalo.

The Building Our Youth's Spirit Mentoring Program, otherwise known as B.O.Y.S., was started by Rob Cornelius and his company RC Enterprise. They hold mentoring sessions every other Saturday at the Delavan-Grider Community Center, located at 877 East Delavan Ave., in Buffalo.

I've been seeing in my community that a lot of positive things have been missing in our household and it really drove me to want to show these young men in our neighborhoods something positive, positive role models doing positive things in our community.
-Rob Cornelius, Director of RC Enterprise

The kick-off event is scheduled for this Saturday, March 26, 2022, at 2 p.m. and will happen every other thereafter. The mentoring sessions will consist of group activities like life skills training, financial literacy courses, recreational sports like basketball, life coaching, and more.

The B.O.Y.S. program is also looking for men to serve as mentors. Whether you're a businessman, photographer, or just a concerned man from the community, RC Enterprise wants to talk to you about helping the young men in our neighborhoods.

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