We're a day removed from Halloween and that means that kids across Western New York are enjoying their Halloween candy after an evening of trick-or-treating on Monday.

It's one of the best days of the year for kids and nothing replicates that feeling of going trick-or-treating when you're that age, where you're old enough to full appreciate it but not old enough to be "too" old to trick-or-treat.

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One thing many people do nowadays is leave a bowl of Halloween candy on their front porch. There's often a note left that says "take one." Sometimes they say "take two." Of course, some kids or teenagers decide to take advantage of this and take way too much candy.

One boy in Western New York came across a bowl that was empty and decided to do something that is warming hearts everywhere.

This boy noticed that this neighbor's Halloween candy bowl was empty so he decided to give his own candy to other kids to make sure they had candy.

This tweet is from Kate Glaser, as she tries to find his parents.

I don't ever remember seeing that back when I was a kid. I remember trick-or-treating being crazy busy when I was that age but there was never any kid giving away his or her own candy. That is amazing character from this boy and is easily one of the best things we have seen on social media in recent months.

Does anyone know this boy's parents?

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