Bishop Malone executed the "Bills Option Play" for a group who was set to make their Confirmation this Sunday at Nativity of Our Lord Parish in Orchard Park.

According to, "Bishop Richard J. Malone has offered to celebrate two Confirmation Masses; one at 1:15 p.m. for those who prefer to stick to the original plan, and another at the 10:30 a.m. Mass for those who wish to get home in time for the big game."

"Obviously, there is an infinity of difference in importance between a Sacrament (like Confirmation) and a Bills game," said Bishop Malone. "We hope but never know if the Bills will win.  And if they do win, which we all cheer for, so what ultimately?  On the other hand, we know that Christ has ALREADY won the victory for us in his death and resurrection, and it is for our eternal salvation! "

Most of the young folks making their Confirmation this Sunday weren't born yet when the Buffalo Bills last made the playoffs in 1999.

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