Fans are not allowed to attend professional sporting events in New York State.  But that's not going to keep Bills fans from supporting their team.

There are a few reasons why the Buffalo Bills fan base has been named one of the best in the NFL.  While in the past they've made some headlines for the crazy things they do in the parking lots before games, over the last couple years, they've begun to open eyes with their generosity and support.

This Sunday, you won't see them at the stadium, but the players will definitely feel their presence.  There will be a plane flying around the stadium with a banner that reads, "TOGETHER OR APART #BILLSMAFIA LOVES YOU!"

According to WGRZ, the person who started the ball rolling on this was a guy named Joe Vaiana who sent out a tweet asking other people in #BillsMafia if they would be interested in joining him to get the banner idea rolling.

To say they were on board is a bit of an understatement.  Not only were they able to put together some money...they put together a bunch of it.  Around $4000 is where the gofundme page was at.

That's enough to pay for the banner, and some.

"We just want them to know that wherever, whether we're there or not, if we're watching from home, no matter where we're watching the games from, that we're with them, we support them, win or lose we're still fans, and again we just want to thank them for playing and bringing a little bit of joy during this time,” Vaiana said. “Again we just want to say thank you again and let them know we got their backs and we're just excited for this year."

To those of you asking what is going to happen to the rest of it?  It will be donated to a local charity.


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