In what has become an unfortunate annual tradition, the New England Patriots continue to steal players away from the Buffalo Bills.  The latest victim is running back Mike Gillislee. But what does it all mean and is the sky really falling??


In case you haven't heard, the Patriots signed Mike Gillislee to an offer sheet that the Bills have 5 days to match.  If they do not match (and odds are they don't), the Pats get Mike and we get a 5th round draft pick for next weekend's draft.  On the surface this sucks for us, but trust me it sounds much worse then it really is.


I love Mike Gillislee, and in the short time that he has been here he has become somewhat of a fan favorite.  He works hard, runs hard, and doesn't do anything stupid.  He has been a refreshing player on a disappointing team.  With all of that being said, the Bills need to take the draft pick and run.


New England has the luxury of spending a pick like this and has the salary cap space as well.  Those are 2 things the Bills do not have.  What the Bills do have is a gluttony of running backs and the #1 rush offense in the NFL.  Before the Bills found Mike Gillislee jobless, they had another rookie phenom, Karlos Williams, who set the NFL on fire.  He is no longer in the league.  Point is, we got Mike for nothing and turned him into a pick.  We can find another back up running back, including the ones we already have on our roster.


So everyone can stop freaking out.  Just look at this as another reason to absolutely hate the Patriots, in the event you actually needed another reason.  I'd wish Mike G luck, but that would be a lie.  Instead I hope he takes a hand-off and trips over Brady's foot (breaking Tommy's little ankle) and ending the Patriot's season.  I then hope Brady's ankle becomes infected and doctors are forced to cut it off.  Now that would be awesome!

New England Patriots v Denver Broncos
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