As Western New York continues to dig out after the weekend blizzard, Bills Mafia members are being called out to help out the residents in Buffalo.

If you can help out you are being asked to meet at the Delavan Grider Center at 11 am.

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The driving ban has been lifted in the City of Buffalo, but there are still lots of snow removal crews out and about, so if you are coming into the area to help out use caution when driving around the area. If possible bring your own shovels and snowplowing equipment.

Many neighborhoods have had at least one lane plowed in the street but many sidewalks, driveways, and other walkways are still covered with snow.

The good news is that the weather will be warming up today as well and that will help melt the snow but it also makes the snow much heavier which means some people might not have the ability to shovel themselves out.

Again all volunteers are asked to be at the Delavan Grider Center at 11 am this morning.

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