Welp, leave it to Bills fans.

You can think whatever you want about Buffalo and Bills fans, but you can never say they are not generous, kind and big-hearted. NBC Sports in Chicago made a mockery of Bills fans in a video saying "drink to make their team fun to watch" and showed clips of tailgating fans fighting, crushing tables, chugging alcohol and lighting their pants on fire.

Insulting tons of fans, one guy started a call-to-action.

According to WGRZ:

Eric Purdy, 32, tweeted a call for Bills Mafia to be better than click bait along with a photo confirming his donation to Bear Necessities Pediatric Cancer Foundation. Del Reid, a co-founder of Bills Mafia, joined in with a $25 donation to the foundation. Dozens more Bills fans followed and replied with screenshots confirming their donations to Bear Necessities, many of them in $25 denominations.

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