No! How can the NFL think about doing this again to the Buffalo Bills and the Bills Mafia?

The NFL along with NBC could make Bills Mafia suffer through another game where Cris Collinsworth gives his biased slanted Kansas City loving takes during an important AFC East game.

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The Bills were spared Cris Collinsworth this week as CBS came in and said no to the Buffalo Bills and New York Jets game being flexed to Sunday night football.

I can only imagine how much relief the Bills Mafia had when the news broke last week.

But, our relief could turn into grief as the NFL and NBC could end up flexing the Week 15 Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins game to Sunday Night Football.

Currently, the Sunday Night Football game for that week is the New England Patriots at the Las Vegas Raiders. That game would be between non-playoff teams. The Patriots are 6-6 on the season while the Raiders are below 500.

The more interesting game would be the Bills verse the Dolphins with the possibility of the AFC title on the line.

If that happens, once again Bills Mafia would have to listen to Cris Collinsworth during the game.

Last season Collinsworth showed that he is not a fan of the Buffalo Bills when he talked about it being a great play when a Kansas City Player tried to intentionally hurt Josh Allen.

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