Scary moment this past weekend as Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen was injured with a concussion following a "helmet to helmet" hit from Jonathan Jones.  He remains on concussion protocol

Reports Channel 7 news,

The type of helmet-to-helmet hit Allen endured leaves the player defenseless as he goes down and experts say this is a classic way to suffer a concussion. The ‘concussion protocol’ Allen is under is the same for pro-athletes as it is for high school athletes. Here’s what needs to happen for Allen to return. He can begin with aerobic exercise. Allen would increase his workout to make sure the symptoms don’t return.

More information from concussion expert Dr. Jennifer McVige, 

McVige treats retired Buffalo Bills football players as well as active and retired members of the Sabres who have all suffered concussions. “You have to have rest and then you go into light exercise and then slowly graduate yourself up to sports specific exercise. Then red shirting and playing and then going back to contact, but you have to 100-percent recovered and symptom free in order to return,” The players Dr. Mcvige treats have suffered long-term effects from mood, focus and social issues as well as suicidal issues.

Across the country there is some good news, with high school football payers concussion rates dropping because of protocol steps before, during and after games.

Get well Josh!

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