Many Buffalo Bills were confused at the start of the Sunday Night matchup between the Buffalo Bills and New York Giants.

If you were a Bills fan in the 1990s when the team went to four straight Super Bowls, something might have thrown you for a loop when they were showing the players before the start of the game. Were you confused about who to root for?

The stripes on the collar and on the sleeve look like 1990s Bills. Here is a look at the Bills' all-white uniform from the 1990s.

Super Bowl XXV
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Now here is what the Giants uniform looked like on Sunday.

New York Giants v Buffalo Bills
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They almost look like the same one.

The good news is that most of Western New York had to work early on Monday, so people didn't drink enough to get confused. Plus it helped that the Bills were wearing all red for the game.

The Bills are back on the road next Sunday to take on the New England Patriots at 1 pm.

Check out some photos from the Bills/Giants Sunday Night Game.

Bills/Giants Game

The Buffalo Bills beat the NY Giants 14-9

Gallery Credit: Dave Fields

Bills Dolphins

The Bills defeat the Dolphins in Week 4 of the NFL Season

Gallery Credit: Dave Fields

Buffalo Bills Washington Commanders

The Bills beat the Commanders 37-3 in Week 3

Gallery Credit: Dave Fields

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