With Spring break around the corner people have already booked their flights by now, and with Summer just a few months away, when is the best time to buy airplane tickets?


I am in the middle of planning my trip to Disney with my daughter. Flights, hotel, park admissions, and food can get real costly. When I was checking airfare, I couldn't believe how much tickets were. There has got to be a strategic way to purchase these babies without costing an arm and a leg.

Cheapair just released info on when the best time of year to buy plane tickets and they are:

First and foremost, they suggest buying tickets at least 70 days in advance. This can change, because you really want to consider the time of year.

If you are flying in the Spring they suggest booking at least 90 days in advance

If you are flying in the Summer they suggest booking at least 47 days in advance

If you are flying in the Fall plan on at least 69 days in advance

The dreaded winter, they say to plan on at least 62 days in advance.

In general if you fly on a Tuesday or Wednesday, you will save about $75.00 per ticket. They suggest flying on those days to really save some $$$

Buffalo, start booking for the Summer now to save some big bucks!



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