Easter falls on April Fool's Day this year. Does this mean we can't prank our kids? Absolutely not! Parents, let the pranks commence!


The last time Easter fell on April Fool's Day was back in 1956. The next time this will happen is in 2029. Let's make the most of it!

1. Fill a hollow Easter candy with mustard. At first glance, they will think it is some sort of cream. When they bite into it, they will be quite surprised!

2. Dye a few eggs that haven't been boiled. This could get messy but certainly worth the laugh.

3. Fill your kids plastic eggs with boring things. i.e. crumbled up paper straws, veggies, well, you get the idea. If you really want to prank them, glue the eggs shut! (Lol. I am actually laughing pretty hard writing this)

4. Take a few of your kids current toys and shove them in a basket and claim that the Easter bunny came early. They will either hate you or the Easter bunny forever! lol.

5. Make a sponge cake made out of actual sponges. All you have to do it frost it and poof you got yourself a sponge cake!

6. The meanest and best is do an Easter egg hunt but don't hide ANY eggs. The kids will be running around trying to find the eggs while you can sip coffee.

Have a Happy April Fool's!

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