We've all the seen memes of Senator Bernie Sanders from inauguration day in his winter coat and mittens, and we may have even said "enough already", but wait...That meme may have just inspired something that is paying off.

Tobey King, owner of ‘Tobey Time Crochet’ made a crochet doll modeled after Sander's meme according to KIII-TV.

“It’s mind blowing because I knew Bernie was trending because of that picture and I already had a Bernie pattern and a Bernie doll, so I just went and got that and I modified that super quick,” said Tobey King.

Turning the viral pic into a doll took a bit of time and experimenting with the original pattern.

“From beginning to start I didn’t get up and it was seven hours, but that’s on top of the hours and hours of designing that that I did a year ago,” said King.

King painfully replicated every detail, including the iconic mittens, she then decided to share the pattern online so that others could make the doll.

“I’m so happy, just so happy that everybody is making their own little Bernie and putting some Bernie’s out there,” said King. “It just makes everybody so happy.”

King with some inspiration from the senator found a way to help others.

“She said you know well Bernie just sold a bunch of sweatshirts and donated to meals on wheels Vermont and I said that, that is perfect, that is what I want to do,” said King.

King put the doll up for auction on eBay.

Once on eBay, the doll sold for over $20,000 dollars. King says the profits from the doll are going towards ‘Meals on Wheels America.’

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