If you have a child in school, then most likely they've already jumped into their first on-line social distancing coursework.

photo on-line

Well, today was my first day teaching a course on-line.  Yep, I have this other job, as a Professor at Medaille College.

There were a few bumps, some students couldn't get their microphones to work, or their wifi kept going in and out.  One student's cat kept trying to hog his laptop's camera.

But, it ended up being quite fun.  There was something so exciting about seeing your students' faces again.  We really missed each other!  Each of us giggled with delight when someone from our group finally figured out how to join our session.  There would be a collective "Hi!"

Though we eventually got to our lesson plan, it wasn't until after we spent time catching up, sharing laughter and just relishing in the fact that each of us may be apart but are NOT alone.

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