Most people like to sit back after a long day at work and enjoy a nice cold one on a hot summer day. But I noticed a trend over the last couple of years that is really throwing me for a loop.

More and more breweries are opening up all over Western New York and the more breweries that are around, more and more crazy beers are popping up.

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I am a simple guy. I grew up in West Seneca and Labatt Blue was my go-to when I was in college. Now that I am 45, I found that the darker the beer the more I like it. My go-to beer now is a stout.

So this week when I notice that a local brewer released a new beer for the upcoming Erie County Fair I went crazy. It was a beer inspired by all the deep-fried food you find at the fair. Do we really need this? Can't a beer be a beer anymore? I find that when I go out I don't even know what kind of beer it is anymore because the names and mixtures are insane.

What kind of beer is Dora's Pink Backpack Pint with Hibiscus? Does it even taste like beer? I know when I crack up a Blue or Bud I know what I am getting.

If I order a $12 pint of Aunt Andy's Ale From The Grave with fermented lime rines, what am I getting? What the heck can that even taste like?

Can we just do a beer that tastes like beer? Remember growing up and you could buy the pop cans that just had Grape, Coke, or Root Beer on them? You knew what you were getting.

So if there is a brewer out there that has a beer called "Beer" please let me know and I will come get a pint or two. At least I know what I am getting.


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