There is nothing better for most people that to get home after a long day at work and crack open an ice-cold beer. Or maybe you enjoy a cold beer while hanging out with friends on your backyard patio.

Those days might be harder and harder to find over the next couple of months and we could face a possible beer shortage here in New York.

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We know that the supply line has been backup up and that has caused issues for a variety of things. From new cars to computer chips, some items have been scarce because we can't get them to the stores.

Now it looks like beer could see a similar fate. It is not that there isn't enough water, barley, or hops but a lack of carbon dioxide. CO2 is used to help fills cans with beer and it is also required to clear oxygen out of fermenting tanks and pouring kegs. CO2 is an important part of the brewery process.

So if more and more breweries are struggling to get CO2, they won't be able to make as much beer or can as much which leads to fewer beers on the shelves, which means less beer at your next party.

Beer is also affected by supply and demand, so if there is less beer available, the cost of the beer that is available will increase.

So the cost of your next party could go up as well.

Many of the major beer companies like Budweiser, Coors, and Miller have plenty of beer to go around, it is the small batch craft breweries that will be hit hardest by the CO2 shortage.

So your favorite microbrew might be hard and harder to find. So with that being said, you might want to go out and enjoy your favorite beer while it is still on the shelves.

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