With Spring break coming to an end and people planning their Summer vacation, being mindful of bed bugs is imperative as they can be hard to combat!

Upon checking into your hotel room here are some tips you can do to make sure everything is clean and you don't take home some unwanted guests. The staff at the most reputable of hotels are trained to thoroughly clean every hotel room. Although they can be fully trained, there are some things that can be overlooked.

Upon entering your hotel room, place your luggage in the bath tub.

Make sure you pull down the covers and double check for stray hair and um.. Unexpected visits. That's right! Bed bugs! Lift up the mattress near the head of the bed as well and check the seams. You are looking for dirt, bugs, white eggs, they look like a sesame seed.

When coming home, place your belongings in the dryer immediately. Anything above 120 degrees kills bed bugs. Simply washing them, will not kill them!

Though bed bugs do not carry diseases, it can be very hard to get rid of and annoying.




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