March is here and 'Because I Said So' with Val Townsend & Tony P is officially 7 months old!  Thank you to all of our listeners for helping make this show possible!


We had another fun week on the show that included wine tasting, more wine tasting with girl scout cookies, and a fish fry!  This job is not easy but somebody has to sacrifice themselves to do it.  We carry that burden for you Monday thru Friday 3-7pm, and will continue to do so until someone else brave enough steps up.


If you missed anything from this weeks show you can catch up HERE.  If you didn't miss anything but still want to relive it, go there too.  While you are waiting to go there, enjoy this clip from this week's episode of 'Ask A Millennial' where we had Bill D from our digital team answer questions on Winnie Cooper, Gizmo, Cheers, Natalie Merchant, Gold Circle, and Goonies.  How did he do?  Watch and find out!

Bill did alright for a Millennial and is definitely a much better and more complete person then before he started answering questions.


We also continued our Parent Trend series where my son Gianni and I did Story Starters. This is where you start a story and your child has to continue it, and you go back and forth until you finish making up a story.  I decided to start a story about Storm Troopers, and we had a lot of fun making up the next lines to the story.  Turns out Storm Troopers have iPhones and like to play Candy Crush and Snap Chat their friends!

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