Bald for Bucks started 20 years ago, back in 2002, thanks to a teacher at Lake Shore High School, but you may not know exactly how it came about.

Mr. Anthony George started Bald for Bucks back in the Spring of 2002. He told his sister Cathleen, who was battling cancer, that he would shave his head with her and remain bald until her hair started to grow back.

Photo Credit: Kadie Daye
Bald For Bucks at Hamburg High School in May 2022. (Photo Credit: Kadie Daye)

Mr. George’s students heard about what he was doing, they wanted to help however they could and be part of the George promise. The students started to collect donations to raise money for cancer research before shaving their heads, too! 

In the first year, Mr. George and 36 of his students raised $3,600. (Today, that would be equivalent to about $6,110.72 according to the Inflation Calculator.) 

Cathleen lost her battle with cancer, but she sparked a long-lasting movement. And although she is gone, her spirit continues to live on through each person who participates in Bald for Bucks and every person who supports it. 

Bald for Bucks started with, what seemed like, a heartfelt act of love between a brother and a sister, and it grew into something so much bigger than that. 

As someone who is close with her brother, the story of Anthony and Cathleen makes me emotional, and while I have had the privilege to meet Mr. Anthony George, I unfortunately was never able to meet Cathleen before she passed…but I know, from stories and conversations, that she was a good person and deserved a longer life. 

In honor of Cathleen and every person who has lost their battle with cancer, and every one who is in remission or still battling today, I am donating my hair and raising money for cancer research at Roswell Park. 

You can even style your hair in ho for Bald for Bucks.
You can even style your hair in ho for Bald for Bucks.

In total, Bald for Bucks has raised more than $6 million dollars for cancer research, helping the world get one step closer to a future where there is no more cancer. 

When you donate to Bald for Bucks, you are directly helping the patient care programs at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center.

You can be involved however you would like, and you’re welcome to join me in my donation, whether you want to cut, shave, or style your hair! I signed up here, but before I cut 10 inches off my hair, I am trying to raise at least $250 for Roswell Park…and hopefully you’ll help me!

I would like to raise at least $250 for Roswell Park before I schedule my hair cut and donate my hair to someone else who needs it. 

If you are able to help, please click here.

Every donation is one step closer to a life without cancer. 

In honor of Cathleen and every person and child who has been diagnosed with cancer, please consider making a donation here.

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