We are constantly surrounded with stressful situations in our current times. We are also faced with awkward situations as well... Here is a list of situations your grandparents NEVER experienced.



Life is full of awkward situations, more so now than any other generations.

1. You "like" and old post on someone's Facebook which makes it look like you are stalking someone's Facebook page. This is called a , "Deep like."

2. You call into your job to have a "sick day." Unfortunately, your friends tag you in a photo on Facebook and now your boss knows you lied!!!

3. You start to look for another job so you decide to update your Linkedin profile. You are afraid to update it, in fear that your current job will see it and know you are looking for another job.

4. You don't proofread a text and autocorrect changed a word and now it doesn't make sense.

5. You drunk text your ex

6. The person that you found on POF, Tinder, Match, etc.. that you are exclusive with is STILL on those dating sites... It makes room for an awkward conversation.


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