Root Beer and burger lovers in Western New York should rejoice.

A massive Mid-West burger chain known for its root beer is set to open up its first location in Western New York.

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A&W, which is known for its Root Beer, also has many burger chains across the Country and they are set to bring several restaurants to Western New York.

A&W is known for serving its signature root beer in frosty mugs and each restaurant will also have plenty of options for a family dinner. From burgers to hot dogs and chicken, A&W will have the same style menu as McDonald's and Burger King.

If you can't wait until next month to get a frosty mug of Root Beer, there are several locations already open in New York. Of course, you will have to make a decent drive, since the closest location is in Cortland.

A&W has been around for a long time, in fact, A&W has been around longer than sliced bread. The first A&W was opened in California in 1919, and slice bread for sale didn't come out until 1921.

The are currently over 600 locations in the US and we are excited that A&W will finally be here in Western New York really soon.

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