It always feels like a problem that they have somewhere other than here.  So when you hear of a town in our area report something like this, it really hits home.

In two separate incidents, people have reported someone trying to abduct them in Niagara Falls.  The first was at Target on Niagara Falls Boulevard.  The woman claims that a man waited inside the store there until she walked in with her friends.  She says he was a younger looking guy that followed her to the cosmetics section.  He told her that she was attractive and asked if they would like to be in a music video then go to Niagara Falls.  She says that he had a pretty heavy accent and asked them multiple times to be in his video even though they repeatedly told him no.

The second incident happened at the Dollar General again on Niagara Falls Boulevard.  The situation sounds the same, however instead of a video this time, the person allegedly asked if they would like to come to his car for free stuff.  The second one involves two men.

The common tactic in both of these stories is for the men to lure the women out to their cars.  The ladies were right to tell the store workers that they were uncomfortable and not to walk to their cars alone.

Is there a chance that this was nothing?  Sure.  But it’s best not to take that chance and be wrong.  Local law enforcement is now aware, but residents are urged not to let their guard down and to be vigilant for situations just like these.

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