Wednesday we played a few rounds of 'Ask A Millennial' with one of our account managers Carly D.  We play this game because I am hung up on the fact that someone decided to combine Generation Y with Millennials.  There are stark differences in the generations, so why we have been merged remains a mystery.


This isn't Carly's fault though, she is just a Millennial in the wrong place at the right time. She was a great sport and took the challenge head on, and we commend her for it.  Does this mean we took it easy on her?  Hell no, we ran the gamut on her but she took it all like a champ.  If you missed it, here's how it went:

Now right out of the gates she gets the Gizmo question wrong.  Is that the end of the world? No, but Gremlins is a piece of history that every Gen Y'er knows.  It was a huge movie when it came out and continues to be a popular pop culture reference to this day.


The next question about 'Who's the Boss' didn't work out for Carly either but she did know who Tony Danza and Alyssa Milano were.  Unfortunately we do not give partial credit on 'Ask A Millennial', but her perseverance is duly noted.

Carly D on 'Ask A Millennial'

The Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan question is one that I didn't think she would get right, and she didn't.  She did have a great Thelma and Louise reference but didn't know that they were Olympic skaters or what Tonya did.  I thought she might recognize Nancy's name from being added to this comings season of Dancing with the Stars.


Finally, and out of nowhere she gets the McGyver question correct!  She finished strong which is the mark of a true Millennial.  Good job Carly and thanks for playing!

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