Today we played 'Ask A Millennial' with our Integrated Media Expert Amber.  She is 25, which means she is in the heart of Millennialism.  I don't think that is an actual word, but since I am writing this we will just consider it one.  Moving on...


Amber did a decent job while in the hot seat.  We assisted her a little, but for the most part she was in the ballpark with some of the answers she gave.  We are not monsters on 'Ask A Millennial', we will give some help if we think the Millennial is giving a serious effort.


If you missed the game today you can hear it again here, and see the recap after.  I recommend watching the video because there is a picture of Buffy the Vampire Slayer in her prime, and Magnum PI in his...mustache.

If you are scoring along at home, Amber got the Magnum PI question wrong, but did get Buffy the Vampire Slayer correct with a little assistance.  She followed that by nailing the Seinfeld question (which kept her from getting tossed out of the studio), but then struggled through 3 Men and a Baby.


Now, she had never seen the movie before so she catches a small break, but it was a major movie so it leaves you wondering how she hadn't seen it!!  It's not often you get Ted Danson, Tom Selleck, and acting powerhouse Steve Guttenberg on the silver screen together.  When it happens you need to take advantage of that moment!  (it has only happened twice...I think).

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